About Us

About Us

Hull Mosque & Islamic Centre is a branch of the UK Islamic Mission and was established in Hull in 1984.  Since then, it has served the community as the main hub for the Muslim community in Hull.  A source of support and guidance for the whole community, Hull Mosque has over the years been the first point of contact for the many new arrivals in the city from migrants to refugees.

In addition to the 5 daily compulsory prayers in Jamaat, Hull Mosque & Islamic Centre provides the Muslim community of Hull with the essential support on a daily basis including:

  • Children’s Islamic School, teaching Quran and Islamic Studies
  • Regular Islamic talks with guest speakers
  • Nikah’s (Islamic Marriages) including the issuing of official Nikah certificates
  • Das/Halaqahs, or study cricles
  • Youth Clubs for children and weekend activities
  • Provision for Janazah (funerals) and coordination of burials
  • Conflict resolution
  • Islamic guidance, books and literature
  • Hospital visits, providing guidance and spiritual support to the sick and their families.
  • iCare Food Hub – Helping families in need in our community

We also provide the wider community with many initiatives that aim to dispel myths around our faith and break down barriers to bring harmony within our community.   We provide the following services:

  • School visits by Imam as well as Schools visiting the Mosque
  • Annual Mosque open day, open to the public
  • Training to statutory bodies including the local council, police service etc.

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